In life we ​​go through many circumstances and normally when we go through adversities besides God we need to be next to our loved ones or loyal friends who comfort our spirits and strengthen us

However we will often find things that we did not expect with people who when we need it the least we find because they have decided to leave our side or have adopted unwanted behaviors and do not provide us with the expected support because there are scenarios and moments in life that we have to manage ourselves and take advantage of that moment to revive ourselves and continue fighting in addition to getting closer to God.

Furthermore, we can often think or do things that are never fulfilled because they are not within God's plan for our lives because we daily plan our path and want to walk according to our criteria, but it is God who straightens our steps.

Proverbs 16: 9
The heart of man thinks his way; But Jehovah straightens his steps.

In this order of ideas there is a reaction in us when we realize that we have been left alone in the middle of the problem but the fact that you or I have to handle ourselves this does not mean that God is not working in our favor because really this situation alone is going to bring to you and me a teaching that we must learn since the Bible says that he who loves God all things work together for good


This teaching shows us that we are not necessarily going to be accompanied as long as there will be moments where we will only depend on God and not for bad because this learning shows us that there are things about God that you will only learn when you stay alone because when God He decides to grow you one of the things that he does is that he makes some of you have your back and this allows him to move you to another level of your life since it is necessary

And this precisely happens because God who knows our hearts our attitudes yesterday and today knows that it is necessary to change to bring us to a better dimension in our lives
he knows why now you have to move to a new level of maturity when you do not know how to understand you are going to resent those who move away and you are going to say they left me alone but on many occasions it is not that they want to leave you it's just that God has allowed them to get away so that you can get closer to God and know things about God that you didn't know when he had them with you

We can not be confused because sometimes some move away is not because they want but because that is how God arranges it so that we can grow. Do you not realize that many times we do not make determination in something because we let the person next to us take it? and we really need to be decisive with conviction in some things that we should exercise or perform

God knows and knows that we have need and what must be our priority, so we must never leave the presence of God and we must always seek his will

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