God's Gaze

5개월 전

Job 34:21 21 For his eyes are on the ways of man, and he sees all his steps There is a great statement in this verse, the eyes of God on men, seeing each and every one of our steps, often we do not remember this at all or act in such a way that it seems that we are not afraid of it.



Walking, doing things on our own, things that make our life deteriorate and then we wonder why. If we just stop a little, and meditate, analyze before, and not after when we have already caused a big problem, this would make things flow just as God wants them, because he is perfect and knows what is best for us.

We may seem like people without any type of authority to be accountable to, however, although we have free will, a freedom to choose what we want to do, it does not mean that it does not matter what our choice is.

God is still in charge, He follows with his eyes every step we take, because he wants us to do well, and only if we follow his hand, this can be achieved. We cannot hide anything from God at all, we cannot even try to lie to Him, because He is omniscient, omnipresent, He can do everything, He sees everything, He knows everything and listens, even if we live doing what we please, there will come a time when that we have to account for each of our actions.

God not only sees our paths to judge us, what He greatly desires is to straighten it, that we live according to His commandments, that we be saved, full of His favor, grace and love, He does not want anyone to be lost, that is why every day we have a new opportunity to leave our life in his hands so that he can transform it.

God, may your gaze never depart from us and may we live being pleasing to you.

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