The Hand That Holds Me

4개월 전

The paths of God are, without a doubt, paths where we can move in peace and quiet and in moments of difficulty that refuge that we long for so much, but it is necessary to bring to our mind that the hand of God is also the one that sustains us, because this will be the strength that will help you overcome the test.
God is the one who provides everything we need, when we go to his word one of the things we read in it is that he is the one who sustains us, therefore he will add everything we need, regardless of whether that need is economic, physical or spiritual .



We must not ignore that if we trust in Him, He is the one who takes all the responsibility for us and no matter what the circumstance is, He will be there.

If God with his word created the heavens and the earth, imagine what he can do with his hands if you take him, surely he will not let go of the hands of the one he created and for whom he gave everything to give him life in abundance.
It is time for us to begin to see God as he really is, and for the supernatural to begin to be natural for us too, and when I say natural I mean that we do not question what He can do, do I need a financial miracle? Ah, I don't worry because God is a specialist in creating when there is nothing, then God will act according to our faith.

Let us not ignore the magnificence of God and not what He can do for us, let us always have the firm conviction of his hand in our favor, in our life and in favor of our loved ones.

The hand that holds us day by day is that of God and that is why we are able to overcome every obstacle, every adversity, every sadness and every difficult moment, the hand of God is your sustenance from today and forever, do not let go her.

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