Come to me all who are burdened


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Matthew 11:28; Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

The burdens of our lives could be plenty, whether you be suffering from sins, bondage or demonic possession. Whether it be simple courtesies you are not able to adhere to, whether it is inability to adhere to the scriptures or to do the work of God as we are commissioned, the Lord says to come to him today and he will give you rest. He will give you solution to your problem and all shall be well once again.

It is important that we as Christians comes to terms and understanding with the fact that only Christ can give us the happiness we so desire in life but to achieve this we need to kill sin in us. With Christ this is absolutes possible because he is a capable God. Learn from Christ today, learn to forgive and forget that you may also be forgive by your father in heaven so his mercies will be upon your life and his grace and favor on you on.

In everything, leave it to God for he has said that he will give you rest if you come to him. He has never failed in his word and is not going to fail. Worry no more and know that with Christ in the vessel you will always smile at the storm. Happy Sunday Parishioners.


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Thank you for sharing

Glory to the Lord, God is good and his help always sustains us to move forward, his mercy is unmatched, for those of us in Christ it is the best thing that has happened to us.

We must carry that message to every creature so that it may enjoy the peace that we have in the Lord.