Overcoming Negative Influence



One of the greatest influence in our age and generation is peer pressure, it would seem that almost everything the young one does or may be doing may either be as a result of what they saw on TV, what their friends are doing or what their friends talked about. Even the adults with all their experience, wisdom and growth end up falling prey to peer pressure, not to mention the young ones. So then what then can we do to not fall prey.

The psychology of falling to peer pressure is basically when we are not sure of where we are headed or what we want to do in life. When doubt creeps in we loss our path and takes on that of others, not to say we should not be exploring in life however, it is important we are confident in ourselves and the decisions we make in life. Whiles not one may be sure of what the future holds for us, it equally important we do not gamble with life.

Set a target, set goals in life, be motivated not pressured, do things out of your own will and that of God, be influenced positively and have a strong will lest you be swayed from your path. Always remember that paths are many and each has their own even if the destination is different. Sick to yours


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