Doing Right By Him


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John 8:25-30; I have many thing to say and to judge concerning you, but He who sent me is true; and i speak to the world those things which i heard from him.

The great commission instructed us as Christians to take the word of God to all nations, bringing them into the glory of the Lord for their emancipation and salvation from the world and the ways of the evil one. Not many of us are doing that although there are so many ways to get the word out there to the word. The truth of the matter is that evangelism is not only about going from door to door to knock and tell one about Christ. We spend lot of time on social media having fun and chatting without even mentioning God once in our conversations.

When we do this we are not doing right by the Lord. The work does end just because you got one guy to join you to service or you convince the Lady staying nearby to give the life to Christ. The great commission continues throughout our entire life so long as we Christians and the Lord has gifted us with life. We have to learn to do right by him.

Learn to follow the steps out Christ himself in his evangelical ministry, learn from John the Baptist how he never relented in doing the work and the will of the Lord. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you for you to be able to do right by the Lord even in your own way you know how to. Have a blessed weekend and happy new month to us all.


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Great work @nattybongo, it's only when we learn much from Jesus, we can acquire more.