Our confessions and the Word


Say unto them, as truly i live, says the Lord, as you have spoken in mine ears, so will i do to you.

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As Christians we have the knowledge of power of words and not just words that are written in books or stories we read, but the words that we utter with our mouth. The things we say our confessions to God and into our lives and these do translate and manifest in our day to do activities. Which why it is very important that as Christians we allow only words of encouragement, blessings, edification and growth to come out of our mouths.

Because we speak out of the abundance of the heart it then also becomes necessary that we are filled with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God lest we say unwholesome things out of the abundance of ungodly within that, for it is not what is out that makes us unclean rather what comes from within. God looks are our hearts and souls and knows our inner thoughts and desires.

So brethren, what are your confessions on your life and that of those who surround you? Do you always proclaim blessings or curses? The time for change is today.


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We should carefully select our words because there is power in the spoken words.

Hi,@nattybongo, this is @oppongk from Nsuta in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Thank you for your daily support of writing in steemit blog. You started actively in playing the diary game. I think there is ample to play and win prizes, season #2 is even coming soon. You are encouraged to join the game again thanks.


Thanks at Oppongk am back in the game now and will commence dairy post from today


Thanks for your quick response. Actually I didn't know that you were writing Exams.