The Promises of the Lord

2개월 전

Hebrews 6:15; And so after waiting patiently, Abraham, received what was promised.


Waiting on the promises of the Lord can be a whole thing, sometimes they come very early quick and fast and sometimes they really do take their time to manifest in your life. The Lord does things in his own appointed time for us and when you know and understand that the Lord does what is best for us in the best time for us, you will not be bothered much in having to wait knowing that his promises will endure and that it shall prevail.

When the Lord Promised the Israelites to take them to the promise Land, it did not happen at a go, it took its time and they had to spend years in the wilderness, but they trust the Lord their God, and whiles they may have had ups and downs along the way, the Lord came through his promise and saw to it that they did indeed get to the promise Land.

So hear and understand that there is a time for everything, and that the Lord does things in the appointed time, the best time for you and that your blessing will manifest at the appointed time to bless not only your life but that of those that are around you. So learn to wait on the Lord and you will surely receive your blessing.


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