Waiting and Listening on God

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Genesis 8:15;16; Then God said to Noah, come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives.

When Noah went into the Ark with his family and the various creatures stipulated by the Lord it took quite a substantial amount of time before the rains stopped and the rise of the water receded for trees to become visible again and for bare land to be available once more, Noah was able to find out that it was probably ok now to step out of the ark and to reach out for dry land and fresh air once again after the dove went out and never came back.

But instead of Noah hurriedly stepping out with the family to see what is left of the world, what did he do? He waited, he patiently waited on the Lord, for the Lord to say hei is safe you can come out now before he did. It is as simple as that, that Lord instructed him to get into the ark so why should he come out of his own free will. And that is an important cue most of us Christians miss, the Lord ask us to do something and then once we start doing it we use our own intellect to guide us through and do not even consult he who sent us on that mission no more, in the end when things do not go as expected we come back to blame God.

The Lord does speak to us, even in this day and era, however it is pertinent that we know the various means by which the Lord speaks to us and how he does it for the Lord will not come and shout at you, he speaks calmly and so unless we are calm serene in our minds and in tune with our spirits we may probably miss out on the entry. So brethren, wait on the Lord, listen to what he has to say and pray to be able to hear him when he finally does talk.


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@nattybongo, it is so very correct, God speaks to us today, but most of us are so busy and noisy inside that we can't hear when he speaks.
Thanks a lot, nice article.