Week One Challenge - Setting Up your Telos Account


Hello to All Parishioners,

I hope we are all having a wonderful week. In contribution towards our week challenge i want to take us through a simple process of setting up your telos account from the new heart-church.org account that you may be able to receive heart tokens and contribute to the growth and development of the church.

Screenshot (114).png

The Landing Page

The First step to take if your not a member of the church already is to join the community or subscribe. As a Christian community we are mostly about our growth in Christ but post are not limited to devotions only since world experiences speak more to people on lot of ocassions.

Screenshot (126).png

Next is to visit @heartchurch's official website at https://www.heart-church.org which is based on the telos blockchain or technology. Once here sign up by going to register. The language of the site is in spanish however if you are not a familiar with the language you can always switch to English, the option is easily seen and available.

Screenshot (115).png

Screenshot (116).png

Read the registration instructions carefully and fill in the spaces are required. After which you would get an email notification in your mail with your private and public keys with which you can login to your telos account using any of the telos applications. You will also find in the mail links to telos community group, peeranha where you can login with your credentials or telos account to be able to communicate with other members of the community.

Screenshot (117).png

On the telos official platform you will find links to mobile wallets and desktops wallets which you can choose any to download. Once downloaded you can easily log in with your public key and you ready to go.

Screenshot (118).png

Screenshot (119).png

Screenshot (123).png

Screenshot (125).png

When in doubt you can always ask for help on our telegram platform or for clarifications where needed. Have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe. God Be with You


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