Apply Your Heart To Instruction And Your Ears To Words Of Knowledge

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Hello Fellow Steemians!!
The more you get the Bible into your heart and mind, the more you’ll become like Jesus. As you read it and absorb it, you’ll begin to understand it. Think of the Bible as your friend—it feeds you!

God knows you need some downtime, and many people relax by watching TV. But God also yearns to bring balance to your life. Ask Him to help you assess your time spent in leisure activities and your time spent with Him.

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Apply your heart to instruction
and your ears to words of knowledge.

- Proverbs 23:12
New International Version

Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children
- Ephesians 5:1
New International Version

Pray It!
Tell God that you want to become more like Him and you’re willing to spend the daily time necessary to get to know him on a deeper level. Be blessed and keep on smiling whenever and wherever you are. Have a great day everyone! God bless us all and again thank you for your time.🙂

Source: From my OneYearDevoForTeen App.

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This is the word of the Lord


Amen. thank you for dropping by. God bless.