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An insightful individual can be recognized by the sort of heart he/she has. Comprehensively speaking, there are two kinds of hearts, the foolish hearts and the wise hearts. The foolish hearted are those whose hearts reject wisdom and it prefer to remain foolish. If your heart repulses the thought of God and His Word, that heart is encircled by foolishness.

Then again, if your heart easily accepts the word of God and thoughts, that is a wise heart. The individual who has decided to accept that God doesn't exist has a foolish heart. Also, anyone who deny God over vital undertakings in his/her life has a foolish heart. What type of heart do you have?

Another way for distinguishing an insightful individual is by his/her ability to occupy until Lord the Jesus return. Tragically, a lot to people because of the absence of wisdom have deserted their Heavenly tasks for worldly tasks.

The Lord Jesus says that the person who He meets doing His will is a wise servant. This implies that main foolish servants of Christ will cease from administration when He has not stopped them. Try not to be a foolish child of God, be sure to spread the gospel. Try not to become weary of doing good.

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