Beware of the "third parent"



The influence of peer groups has consistently been incredible in moulding an individual's character either for good or bad. For sure, companions and peer group are the "third parent" to each person.

Peer pressure has the force of tempting an individual into things they couldn't have ever considered doing.

To entice is to persuade an individual to do an act, generally by offering something lovely and attractive as dividend.

An illustration of this is the snake's hanging of the forbidden fruit before even. Enticement as a rule works inseparably with deceptiob.

The power of temptation lies in its capacity to entice its victim. Parent don't draw their kids into enticement; rather, they lead their children on the way of greatnes and right living.

The Holy Spirit in our lives represents our heavenly parents, the Holy Trinity, and this is the reason we should consistently listen in to the advice He gives and reject any advice in contrary to His inspired word.

Actually, the Holy Spirit can't lead you to do whatever is in opposition to God's composed word.

At the end of the day, the Holy Spirit is to direct us into the all of God's word, which is truth. Associating with evil individuals can possibly ruin any person of good character.

The individuals who are savvy will offer regard to what the Holy Spirit says since He realizes more than we know and sees better compared to we see. To keep away from the snare of wicked peers and finish your race in heaven, let the Holy Spirit have the best impact on you.

Try not to keep friend like Jonadad, whose counsel cost Amnion his life. Jonadad and Amnon were even cousins!

Irrespective of family connection, don't permit anybody influence you into destruction, since in the end, you will bear your cross yourself.

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