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Psalm 100:4 says we should enter into His gates with Thanksgiving and Praise. It means that when you are coming to the presence of God, you are to come to His presence with thanksgiving-not with grumbling and murmuring but rather with thanksgiving.

This implies that if you do not come with thanksgiving, he can choose not to open his gate for you. Many individual's prayers don't get answered because everything they do is grumble and complain to God.

You are grumbling you have no car when another person has a car yet can't rise from his sickbed. You are grumbling that you have no shoes when another person has no legs. Simply express appreciation.

Regardless of what you are going through, there are a lot of people throughout the world going through more terrible situations.
Make a propensity for continually expressing gratitude toward God for what you have. There are some little things we always underestimate.

Someone said his wife called to check on a sick fellow they had been praying to God for.

After the call, she told to her husband that the person said "Help me thank God that I was able to wear my clothes without anyone assisting me".

Try not to put your attention on the things that you do not have, rather, put it on all the wonderful things that God is already doing for you. God enjoys being with individuals who always thank Him and praise His name, but He hates complainers. Even 1 Corinthians 10:10 talks about the outcome of complainers.

Joseph for example, never mumbled against God, even while in bondage and prison. In this manner, he fulfills destiny and became great because the Bible says God was with him.

Do you want God to help you through all your difficulties throughout everyday life and lead you to a wonderful future? Express gratitude toward him at all times.

Spend some minutes thanking God today. Try not to request anything, simply say thanks to him.

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