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It is stunning that not exclusively are many leaders guilty of self-abuse by working more than is needed, they are likewise at real fault for worrying themselves to the place of fatigue, subsequently prompting their inconvenient passing. At the point when God made man, He made us in His own image and likeness thus we are relied upon to resemble Him in many regards. One area we ought to look like Him is in the quality of appointing liability.

Genesis 2:15 and 19 uncovers how God promptly designated the obligation of keeping the Garden of Eden and the naming of animals to Adam. There is no restraining infrastructure of obligation in the properties of God. We really want to start to copy God by sharing and appointing liabilities to our partners, subordinates and neighbors to abstain from wearing ourselves out and even killing of ourselves

In Exodus 18:13-27, Moses was shown the art of division of work by his father in-law, Jethro. At the point when Jethro came visiting, he saw that Moses barely had the opportunity to rest, since he was at any point occupied with going to each case brought to him by his kin even minor cases that were homegrown in nature. Albeit Moses gave for this game plan because certified and well meaning, Jethro called attention to the indiscretion of what he was doing to him.

Jethro then, at that point, shown him how to designate his legal obligations to elderly folks who had the option and skilled. Moses paid attention to his recommendation and it worked: judgment was not generally deferred and Moses had the opportunity to deal with himself.

Individuals from the Body of Christ should work, and their ministers should set them up to take liabilities. All things considered, obligations should not be designated heedlessly. They ought not be given to the people who might obliterate the work you have toiled such a great amount for. In designating liability, hold fast to what Paul said in 2 Timothy 2:2:

Apply this standard in your congregation, business and family and you will track down rest for your spirit.

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