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While God isn't against His people that are having a comfortable life, He doesn't like living for pleasure. There is a life of solace and pleasure that can at last prompt spiritual death. After God gave David rest from the life of meandering in the wilderness as a shepherd, outlaw, soldier of fortune, and warrior king, he began living in pleasure, to such an extent that he no longer went to battle.

Throughout his life of relaxation, pleasure, and solace, he fell into transgression that would have annihilated his destiny, but for the mercy of God. He encountered spiritual death and needed to cry to God for restoration.

Spiritual death is a state of estrangement from God due to sin. It is the shortfall of spiritual life. Which means being physically alive without having any relationship with the Almighty God. The end result is that it leads to permanent separation from God. Ordinarily, all of humanity is dead spiritually. Be that as it may, whosoever acknowledges Jesus as Lord and Savior become genuinely born again and encounters transformation change. Such an individual is freed from spiritual death and is made alive by the Holy Spirit.

After encountering new life in Christ, we are urged to enjoy all that God has made, yet never to allow pleasure in His creation to dominate our pleasure in the Creator Himself. We live an era when the craving to live pleasurable life is most important on people's minds.

We should not allow ourselves to become surpassed by the wanton craving for worldly things we see surrounding us. Remember that this time, men will become lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God as it is said in the Bible. In these perilous time, individuals are needing to fulfill the desire of the flesh through food, beverages, energizers, and sexual pleasure. They also endeavor to fulfill the desire of the eyes through style, materialism, and the excessive procurement of the beautiful things of life. In conclusion, they live to fulfill the pride of life through the collection of titles, acknowledgment, fame, and other achievements. Children of God should not be trapped in this catch of Satan. Regarding the pleasure of this world, the Spirit of God prescribes restriction and discipline to every child of God.

God's people should have discretion, generous, and have thought for other people. The Bible demands that any individual who places priority on pleasure or puts a lot of time and assets into a pleasure-seeking way of life is spiritually dead, despite the fact that the person is physically alive.

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