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Good day steemians! I trust we are good? Out of my busy schedule i have deemed it fit to share with you my recent article about life and some fundamental requirements for protecting the image of our personalities so as to successfully live a fruitful and productive life as a believer.
I hope this article will bless your heart as you read carefully to the end.

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"The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made." - Groucho Marx

Excessive desires to earn honor, respect and recognition from people in the society have instigated humiliation, self condemnation, low self esteem and depression in the lives of many because of the wrong approach adopted in our quest for them. Then the question arose within me what exactly could be responsible for all these appalling experiences; then I discovered that integrity and dignity is something everyone desires to have; but just a few number of persons are willing to pay the price for obtaining and preserving these virtues.
Dignity cleaves only to those who deserve it. While those who vie for it with the wrong motive get a meagre or nothing but shame and dishonor.
Character can not be neglected in the place of dignity. Infact your level of integrity is equivalent to the characters you portray.
Good character commands the respect of people while bad character brings shame, disparagement and dishonor.
Integrity and dignity can be easily obtained and preserved if only we can meet up with some of the demands in obtaining them.

"Dignity does not consist in possessing honours, but in deserving them." - Aristotle


Dignity is the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethnically.
Put in a simple form dignity denotes "respect" and "worth ".
Dignity can be violated or lost. It can be violated by externalFactors or lost by individual's careless or failure meeting with the requirements that would sustain dignity.


This is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle.


The followings are the seven(7) major factors required for the protection of your integrity and dignity as a Christian:

1.Be a person of good and godly characters.

Good Character is very essential for the preservation of dignity. It makes people to see you the way you are, tolerate, respect and cherish you. Godly Character keeps you from external harms and violation of your dignity. Without character you will be exposed to myriads of challenges and set backs. Every human desires positions and power to be at the acme level of any organization; but what will truly sustain you in the position or power is your character.
Show good character in your manner of approach, be courteous when interacting with others. Let your mode of dressing say more about your dignity and integrity.
Good and godly characters is the major determinant of the level of your integrity and dignity in the society.

2.Show love and kindness to others.

It may sound corny but it is really true that, people no longer care how much you know, until they know how much you care.
Love is the most essential ingredient in interpersonal relationship and without a loving spirit life will be meaningless and purposeless.
It's cardinal to note that it's the desire of every human to be a recipient of love. Hence Philosophers have it that," The only one happiness in life is to love and be loved" while " The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved".
The demonstration of love and kindness to people is very inspirational and motivating in nature. It strengths their focus and pursuit in their destiny fulfilment.
People will respect you more when they felt loved and cared for by you.
You may not be able to give the best yi them, but your little heart of love and kindness goes a long way in bringing them up from the stump of life and also catapult them in to the level where the fulfilment of their destinies will become inevitable.

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3.Make humility a lifestyle.

Humility is a very essential factor to be considered in the effective preservation of your dignity.

"Humility is the act of acknowledging the fact that wherever position we are today what makes the differences between us and others is nothing else but the grace and mercy of God"- Kenneth Uloho.

It's very important to state that nothing intoxicates a man like power and position. Hence he tends to see others around him as nobody because of his position. So many dignities have been forfeited by people because of their abuse of power and position they are entrusted with.
Humility will make you to acknowledge that no matter the level of your wealth, position or power what enhanced it, is the mercy of God. Hence there is a need for you to always humble yourself before men and also give them the best treatment you will give to yourself.

4.Be sincere in all your dealings with people.

Someone once said that, "the most important virtue or issue to pay heed to in life when serving a group of persons or in a given society isSincerity ".
People always find it difficult to like or respect anybody who is insincere in all his dealings. They love and respect those who are interested in them. Sincerity proves the genuineness of your love to people.
Your dignity will be well protected when you're open to truth in all your dealings with people.

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5.Learn to always accept correction whenever you're erred.

It's quite unfortunate that so many people only desire to correct and rebuke others to the exclusion of themselves receiving similar dealings from people.
When you hate being corrected by people you will loose value before them, hence your dignity would be greatly abused and distorted.

6.Have a forgiving spirit.

Forgiveness helps you in freeing your mind from anxiety and pains.
When your heart is full of anger and hatred, it makes it difficult for you to maintain a cordial relationship and effective communication with people around you.
Unforgiveness is like an acidic substance that does more harm to the vessel it is stored than the vessel it is poured.
Failure to forgive others who had wronged you in one way or the other reduces your worth and dignity before them and also exposes you to dangers.

7.Do to others what you will have them do to you.

If you desire to be respected by others, give them the respect they also deserve.
If you desire to be loved by others, show them love too.

"Unto what you do to others people will also do to you" -Matthew 7:12

If you want your dignity and integrity to be protected,do well to respect and honor the dignity of others.

"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being." - Goethe

It's essential for you to always preserve your dignity as a human and as well protect it from violation. I hope this article has enlightened you on some of the fundamental prerequisites for the protection of your dignity and integrity as a Christian?

Thanks for your time and Steem on.

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