Manchester United and Chelsea


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Arizabalaga was once good and the number one keeper of Chelsea FC but he later Fuck up, his first Fuck up was the match against Manchester United during the time of Zari where Chelsea lost with Penalty kick

Chelsea has never got good Coach since José Morinho was sacked in the first time then. I think De-matio too tried won Champions League for them after some Coaches's sack

Chelsea and Manchester United are like in the same shoe now with no stable Coach

Sir Alex Ferguson left a very good keeper for Manchester United which is David Degea before he retire from being a Coach and he is still the number one Manchester United goal keeper up till now

Since Peter Cech left, Chelsea never get good goal keeper like him because Arizabalaga also fumble but we never the future of this one that Lampard use against Manchester United but he saved Chelsea so much

Source; Manchester United and Chelsea

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