Patience In Love

11개월 전


Good day everyone. Hope you all are doing great and staying safe. Now, Love in the dictionary and as everyone know is the tender feeling one has towards another. Love could be between husband and wife, parents and children, teacher and student and the likes.

I want us to know that no matter how much people love each other, there are issues that occurs between people and they must patiently sort things out amicably. Someone once told me that if I am having issues with anyone, and the other person is hurt and boiling, I have to be calm. Two people cannot be shouting at the same time, it will not resolve anything.

That is why we say love is patient because the love we have for each other will make us settle issues amicably and not make us misbehave towards each other for more issues to rise up. So lets learrn to deal with each other with much patience.

Thanks for reading...
I remain my humble self @Oredebby

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