God’s Sustenance And My Poem “Running On Empty”


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In these modern times, we all lead busy lives from meeting deadlines in the office to the numerous chores that we have to do at home. At end of the day, it’s common to feel exhausted and drained out. During this time we are at the “low battery stage” but humans are blessed to be created by the Almighty God to be able to recharge themselves. After nourishment from food and adequate rest, we are ready to start a new day fully charged.

Food For Our Bodies

In the Book Of Exodus, Moses and the people of Israel were lost and wandered in the desert. During this time in the wilderness, God directly provided them with bread from heaven. That was how they were able to survive in the desert. Back to the present day, we can put food on our table daily. Many times we take this for granted. We forget the fact that ultimately all good things and gifts come from God. We need to acknowledge that God has placed us in situations and made it possible for us to provide food and other necessities for our families.

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Food For Our Souls

Another thing that we tend to forget is that we are not only physical beings but spiritual beings as well. So what does our soul need then? It is said, “Man doesn’t live on bread alone but on every word that comes from God’s mouth”. In addition to food for our physical body, we need spiritual nourishment for our souls.

Our spiritual nourishment comes from God's word that can guide, soothe, calm and comfort us, especially when we are in the midst of difficult challenges. We also need to be still in the presence of God and just let His Spirit fill our souls.

I like to share with you all my personal experiences in the form of my poem. My son Jonathan is autistic, so the pressure and stress that I experienced daily are quite high. Routine and normal tasks become more difficult. For example, I will bring my son for his Covid 19 vaccination shot, later this morning. My wife and I have been discussing how to restrain Jonathan as he definitely will not cooperate. We have also been practicing and doing role play at home. I can only pray for God’s help.

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Running On Empty

When I am weary
From all the chores that I have to do
When I feel tired
From all the running around
When I feel pressured
From all the deadlines and key performance index that I have to meet
That’s when I realize
That I am running on empty

When my car breaks down
When my boss yells at me
When my maid runs away
When my roof leaks
When my automatic gate fails to function
And when my autistic son really, really gets on my nerves
That’s when I realize
That I am running on empty

That’s when I also realize
All that I need is
A time for God
For His words to soothe and encourage
For Him to fill me and refresh me
That’s when I also realize
That I need more and more of Him in my life
For my spirit will be lifted up
And joy will pour forth from my heart

Oh yes
The irritations, problems and worries of the world would still be there
They would not automatically disappear
But with God at my side
I can face them with a smile
That’s when I realize
That I am no longer running on empty
But with love, grace and mercy provided by God


God is our provider as well as the ultimate source of sustenance. All good things come from God. I hope that you all enjoy my sharing. Do share your experiences to encourage each other.

Follow me and stay positive.

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Your piece reminded me of Matthew 6:33 (my fav verse) that says,

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you,"

and the song (my fav song),

"O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder
consider all the works thy hand hath made,
I see the stars, I hear the mighty thunder,
thy power throughout the universe displayed."

I also believe in God's sustenance.... And that ultimately all good things and gifts come from God.

Keep it up!


Amen amen. God is good all the time. So ultimately all good things and gifts come from God. Thank you for your support and encouragement brother.

podemos descansar en su presencia, cuando estamos cansados del camino, de las pruebas y luchas por amor a su nombre, necesitamos fuerzas y el nos socorre, nos fortalece y nos anima para seguir nuestra lucha hasta vencer @positivesteem


I don't understand Spanish. Thanks for the comments and for dropping by.