How to build the type of faith that moves mountain


Hebrews 11 vs 1; describes faith a the substance of things hoped for and an evidence of things not seen, and Jesus said in the book of Matthew 17 vs 20: that if we have faith as big as a grain of mustard seed we can say to any mountain move from here to there and it would obey us...


The questions most believers are struggling to find answers to is : why are their mountains not moving when all it takes ro move such mountain is a mustard-seed-sized faith? Does it mean that God's word is not true or they are yet to truly exercise the type of faith that Christ was referring to in the book of Matthew 17 vs 20?

The book of Romans 10 vs 17, says the only way for anyone to have faith is by constantly listening and giving heed to the word of God. This implies that the word of God is the foundation on which faith is built and strengthened and as such the only faith that can work or move mountain is that faith that is centered on the word of God.

Most of us speak to our mountain without the word of God being resident in our hearts and spirits, and we start wondering when the mountain remains where it is. It's the power in the word of God that you speak through faith that would cause your mountain to move. But when the word of God isn't resident in your heart and spirit then whatever command you give to that mountain would sound like a mere empty word.

If the word of God is in your heart and in your spirit your mountain can never disregard any command you give to it because such command will be backed by the power of the word of God in your spirit; and do you know that you naturally feel more confident when your heart and spirit is fully nourished with the word?

If your mountains are not responding to your command of faith, then check your heart and spirit to see if you have the word of God there, because without the word of God empowering your belief and declaration, whatever you speak will be just mere words.

If i should ask you, have you nourished your heart and spirit with the word of God today?

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God has to want you to move the mountain. We need to have faith that God will equip us to do what he wants us to do. In some cases that means that God will give your more faith. Or he'll let you see that's he's working.

But it's wrong to think that if we have enough faith we can do whatever we want.