How you unconsciously delay your blessings



You are sometimes the enemy stalling your blessings. Don't be surprised, the statement in the next line will tell you how you unconsciously stall your blessings.

"when you are not appreciative for what you have, you cannot valuee them and when you don't value what you have you make yourself unworthy of having more."

How you treat what's giving to you play a great part in determining if more will be given to you. The book of proverbs 12:27 says:

" the slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting, but the substance of the diligent man is precious. "

Did you get it? The diligent man treats his substance previously, so he positions himself for more while the slothful man discredit him/herself from having more by how he/she treats what's given to him/her.

God sees how we react and treat his daily blessings upon our lives and it's this attitude he uses in determining our qualification for more. So i want to ask you... is your attitude towards the little blessings God showers upon your life each day certifying you as someone that is ready for more or disqualifying you from being given more?

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