The Bible That Every Non-Christian Reads

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"The greatest sermon that any Christian would ever preach is the sermon of his/her life style. -John Odudu."

Matthew 5:16 Says: let your let so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven. KJV


Have you ever wondered why negative news involving anyone known to be a Christian spread faster and farther than negative news involving any other person in the world? As a Christian, you have all eyes on you. The very moment you profess Jesus Christ to be your lord and saviour, that is the very moment your life becomes a book that everyone else around you is interested in reading.

Every Christian is always on the spotlight. You may think that no one is watching you or observing what you're doing, but you're very wrong. There are eyes following you every where you go to see if you would truly reflect what you've professed. In fact, your public confession and display of your Christian faith has automatically made you an actor or actress in the never ending movie titled "the human bible."

Your camera is always rolling and anything you do or say will be captured and weighed in the balance of your confession or profession. So you must understand that you're being followed, captured and watched in the big screen of the world theatre. Everyone wants to see if your christian profession is real or it's just a mere lip service. They want to see if you could truly practice what you've read in the bible and also telling others to do.

Look, most people would become Christian not because they would read the actual bible (the word of God), but because they would read the 'human bible' (the life of a christian) and decide to belong to the faith because your life was an interesting and soul-transforming read.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, understand that there are so many people reading you just as you read your bible. Everything that you've read in your bible they want to see you reflect. Some of them don't even believe that your Christian profession is genuine, that is why your lifestyle is such an interesting read to them. They want to be the first to spot your fall and broadcast it to the whole world to know so that the world can find another reason to disapprove the objectivity of the word of God.

Be on your guard at all times and stand firm. I know that we are all humans and sometimes we do make mistakes and fall off the faith in our Christian walk with God, but let's be cautious of what we do and understand that the world is watching us. We are the bible that the world is reading daily and they truly want to see if we would truly reflect what we claimed to be reading in the bible and asking them to become. Let's not fail ourselves and our God and bring the word of God to disrepute.

May the grace of God see us all through to the end!

Thanks for your time.

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