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Deserts never appear by chance, each one appears with a purpose destined to fulfill a plan and God is never far from those who suffer it

Sometimes deserts God allows them to fulfill a purpose in you and in me and I believe that the desert is also a life opportunity to reflect on our actions as well as dependence on God

The desert is generally known as a tract of land with an arid and dry climate that causes little vegetation and great thermal oscillations. The word desert is of Latin origin desertus which means "abandoned".


In this sense, the desert is a very sad and inhospitable place since nothing is found in it and it allows for a lot of thirst and heat in addition to all the basic deprivations necessary for humanity and it is in the desert that we need help and not any since the hand of man would be insufficient in this because in the desert all stability disappears and obviously the only one necessary is our God

David knew what it was to go through a desert and the need of God in it therefore said:

psalms 63: 1
"When I was in the desert of Judah. ​​Oh God, you are my God; I will look for you eagerly. My soul thirsts for you, my flesh yearns for you like dry and arid land where there is no water."

God's plans are always the best and his purposes are eternal and his word tells us that he remembers us even in the desert where there is nothing to help us

Deuteronomy 8: 2
"And you will remember all the way the Lord your God has brought you through the desert during these forty years, to humiliate you, testing you, in order to know what was in your heart ..."

In this verse we can see how Moses emphasizes that the people of Israel must remember the faithfulness of God where the purpose of the desert experience was disciplinary they should not forget what they had been taught because everything had been destined by God to prove your heart

We can also read how God encourages his people in the middle of the desert he did it with Moses when he sent him to Egypt to challenge Pharaoh and he sent his servant Aaron to encourage him and accompany him to rea to perform signs and miracles in the name of God.

Exodus 4:27
And the LORD said to Aaron, Go meet Moses in the wilderness. And he went and met him on the mount of God, and kissed him.

Normally people react negatively when they go through deserts and often question God as the children of Israel did but from God they will always receive consolation and mercy

Exodus 16: 7-9
7 And in the morning you will see the glory of Jehovah; for he has heard your murmuring against Jehovah; because we, what are we, so that you murmur against us?
8 Moses also said, Jehovah will give you meat in the evening to eat, and bread in the morning until you are full; For Jehovah has heard your murmuring with which you have murmuring against him; because we, what are we? Your murmuring is not against us, but against Jehovah.
9 And Moses said to Aaron, Say to the whole congregation of the children of Israel, Come near (King James Version)

We can interpret how Moses motivates them despite the fact that they continually complained and questioned God but he encouraged them and said to them: "And in the morning you will see the glory of Jehovah ... Jehovah will give you meat in the afternoon to eat and bread in the morning until you're full

These words are totally beautiful because here Moses declares how good and wonderful God is that even in the desert He took care of them and fed them and they never lacked anything

This is how our God acts when we go through deserts since every desert has a purpose, for example the purpose of the children of Israel to go through the desert was to then take them to the promised land

If God goes with us, it doesn't matter how the desert is, because He will have an answer for every opportunity and will have a solution for every crisis that we come across.


Everyone in life has ever passed through one or more deserts but with God's help we have overcome it and today is not the exception God is on our side let's raise our eyes to Him and put our faith and trust that very soon we will see his glory

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