We all have the same height at the foot of the cross


No one was worth the blood of Jesus more than another. Let us be humble, we do not believe ourselves more than others; At the foot of the cross we are all equal.
Jesus Christ died for everyone He paid on Calvary cross for you for me and for all humanity but many believe in selfishness so much that they think they are more important and better than others when physically we are all the same the only thing that differentiates us is human values that they transmit to us throughout our lives.

Romans 12: 3
3 I say, therefore, by the grace that is given to me, to each one that is among you, that you do not have a higher concept of yourself than you should have, but think of yourself with sanity, according to the measure of faith that God distributed each one.
King James Version (RVR1960)


This verse not only applies to the brothers of the faith but to all of humanity since pride and pride, vanity and self-centeredness have been creating a wall between God and men.

The Bible teaches us that human beings are made in the image of God, we must respect the position of each individual under God, and in all areas of life because really values ​​through actions are what differentiate humanity one of the other.

One of the fruits of a Christian lies in humility since normally when we do not know God, our hearts are full of self-centeredness and vanity, because naturally man believes that he is worth what he has and that makes him better than another, that is, he believes that his value it depends on your possessions if you have wealth, titles, etc.

However, life and God are in charge of reminding us that none of this is more important or does not make you better than another.

All human beings are equal and when God makes it rain on the earth He does it on everyone in the same way when the sun rises it rises for all since we are the creation of God therefore nothing that we have in this life can make a difference from One or another.

The only thing that makes a difference between men are the values that each of us has learned and obviously mark our attitudes and make us different but in actions not in human conditions.

It is for this reason that God demands and teaches us that believers should think of themselves as worthless or insignificant beings or more essential than any other inviting us to live with humility and faith in our Christian relationships as well as in the world with our neighbor Since we really are what we do, that is, our actions and values mark us and bear witness to who we are.


Humility makes a person beautiful distinguishes the body of Christ when we practice it we are great in God and we differ from others nothing in this life can lead us to think that we are better than others

Our high concept must be God, nothing that we can obtain in this life can determine the attitude of a Christian because the Christian has humility as a duty

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