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Matthew 7:24, 27

The greatest problem we have in church today is that we have a lot of Christians who hear God's word but do not apply it. Only one message cac change your life. Hearing God's word is not normal thing you need to do in church.
Two categories of Christians.

  • The ones who hear God's word and apply it immediately
  • The ones who hear God's word for formality sake.

There's a repercussions for neglecting God's word. the things we neglect are the things that is actually our purpose in life. Matthew 7:24 is a reference to our lives. The body of a man is a house. When you build your house in sand, it does not have foundation.
How you relate to God's word matters alot. One of the most important things you should do is to apply God's word daily.
If you succeed without God, you have not succeeded. As long as you are alive on Earth, there are certain things you will never avoid; you will never avoid the storms of life. The term 'storm' could mean sicknesses, diseases, lose of jobs, barrenness etc.

Anytime you hear God's word, apply it immediately. Build your life in God's word.

There are two times Satan come into a man's life

  • Before every major breakthrough
  • After every major breakthrough.

Never try to succeed in life without God.
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