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Heb 10:7, John 6:38, John 4:34, 5:30, Matt. 6:10
God's will is supreme and eternal. It's above everything else on Earth. God's desire is that His will be done on Earth. It is His strongest desire.
God's will is the desires of His heart which He planned in eternity past to accomplish today. Everything God does is for His will and from His will. The most important thing in life is to do the will of God in your life whether you stay alive or not. If you are not ready to do the will of God, you will not be among those who will champion the final move of God. Christians who frightens Satan are those who are totally committed to the will of God.
God's will should be your first priority in life. Spiritually, doing God's will satisfys you. If you begin to live your life for the fulfilment of God's will, you will never live a life of struggle.

3 kinds of will on Earth
The will of God
The will of man
The will of Satan.

When u give your life to God, you are meant to surrender your will under the will of God.
Submitting your will to God's is like dying. It's better you obey the will of God and lose everything you have.


√ God's will is revealed in His word.
Knowing God's will without doing it, is offensive to God. It is not enough to know God's will we are called to do it.
God is so patience with us that even in our unwillingness He helps to be willing. The alter is the only ground to understand God's will. Our mind is renewed to the extent we do God's will.
Any prayer that is not important to you is not important to God.

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One of the things we all were created to do was to do the will of the one who created us on earth and when we refuse o do that, we have also missed out on the blessings involved in doing His will.