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  1. Walk in the spirit. (Gal 5:16)
    If you want to survive and pull through in this season we are in, you've got to walk in the spirit. There are 2 principles that are fighting each other on Earth against the believer. It is called the civil war. The flesh and the spirit. An unbeliever cannot experience this cos they are already in the flesh. You don't try to walk in the spirit by walking in your strength. WALK IN THE SPIRIT NOT WORK IN THE SPIRIT. One of the characteristics of a believer is that we walk. You will not experience what God has for you if you don't walk in the spirit. It is not enough to be born again, you've got to walk in the spirit. If you don't walk in the spirit you won't be able to lead a victorious life. You've got to intentionally walk in the is not optional.
    What does it mean to walk in the spirit? It is be led by the spirit. It is to lead your life from inside out. Our rule of life should not be by doctrine or theology but by the spirit.

  2. Walk by faith. (2Cor 5:7)
    Our way of life is the way of faith. If you are not walking by faith you are not walking with God. Alot of Christians rather walk by sight...use their wisdom other than walk by faith. The wisdom of the world is satanic and demonic Jas.3:15.
    Any wisdom that disconnect you from God is satanic. If you are not walking by faith you are walking by sight. Those who walk by faith walked with God. The life of faith is a life full of risk. If you want to bring divinity into humanity...walk by faith. THE WAY YOU DO LIFE IS THE WAY YOU DO FAITH... THE WAY YOU LEAD YOUR LIFE ON DAILY BASIS SHOWS WHETHER OR NOT YOU WALK BY FAITH. Don't plan the day you will walk by faith cos it will not work.
    God only walks with us to the extent that we walk by faith..IF YOU DO FAITH GOD WILL DO YOU. NO FAITH NO GOD. When you walk by faith you experience life. Don't live by rules and laws, live by the spirit. When u walk by faith you rest.
    Learn how to gain knowledge by your experience of life and not by doctrine.

  3. Pray in the spirit (Eph 6:18)
    Anytime you pray in the spirit, the spirit responds.

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