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Continuing with the reflection about "each family a school" we take advantage of what is happening not as something that has no solution but as a situation that has to lead us to be better people because opportunities, even if negative, must be seen as something that It is demanding prompt attention and this opportunity leads us to reflect and instill in our students the greatest learning of their lives: the meaning of life, the value of the family and the responsibility that we must assume before life today.


Today our schools are empty like many things that suddenly became like this and our children and young people are not present in the family place where they flooded us with their laughter and enthusiasm, but there is the "empty" place waiting for them.

"Each family a school" is based on guaranteeing the academic continuity and completion of the 2019-2020 school period and establishing as strategic lines of school care: contextualized pedagogical activities, Food protection through the PAE, activation of CEAPs, Psychosocial and Socio-emotional Strategies.


It should be noted that in a population all adolescents, young people, adults and the elderly are important, but special attention must be paid to our children, adolescents and young people, therefore, strategies have been taken to preserve, above all, the lives of our children and young people and to care for their education through meaningful learning.

Despite all the limitations that the nation of Venezuela has had, the Ministry of Popular Power for Education uses the necessary communication platform to ensure that in every corner of the country every mother, father, representative, teacher, teacher and student reaches the pedagogical information and the guidance is protected by any means.

This together with all the significant experiences of the students in order to expand their learning and receive with motivation all the content to study.



It is important to note that in this context it is assumed that dad and mom or aunt or uncle grandmother or grandmother, do not understand the rhythms and dynamics, they went to school a long time ago and things have changed for this reason as a teacher it is necessary to point out that Let's share the responsibility and understand the diversity of each home.

We are a "real school" for the life that our children, children and youth are demanding at this time.
We know that nothing will be the same anymore, but our expectations of struggle and hope open up a way for us today to reflect and instill in our children and students that if anything is worth living on this earth, it is life.

Fostering the value of life and family today more than ever is our fundamental objective in the midst of this pandemic that is plaguing us today and doing it through any means is essential life itself shouts at us and demands that we value it that we not waste the value of what God has given us as one of the best gifts.

As a teacher or mother we could say: nothing happens that children miss the year, that they do not see some content, that they miss a few months of school, you really know that it does not matter, it will not affect them and that soon they will catch up on the importance of all this is to preserve life.

However, we thank God that in the midst of so much pain we look for alternatives to be able to substitute one thing for the other and teach our young people that family and life are irreplaceable and that with responsibility and in union we will overcome life.

I also want to point out that we should not remove our God from all this that we live today because really everything we are doing is because He gives us the opportunity to do it and gives us the necessary forces so that in the midst of so much pain and panic today we feel optimists full of hope to continue fighting for our youth and family.

Let us make the most of the opportunities that our God grants us living as wise people taking advantage of life and reflecting through what we are living giving the value of what truly has meaning.

Ephesians 5: 15-16
So be careful of your way of living. Do not live as fools but as wise, making the most of every opportune moment, because the days are bad.
| NIV |

NOTE: The funds raised in these publications go to the Bread From Heaven social project, which consists of comprehensive children's dining rooms in Venezuela.

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