Ancient Mystery


God created the Earth and knew there was going to be troubles and challenges, to this, he created line of defences. even with the animals He created species among them to be soldiers, to this are the soldiers ant, and termites soldiers and also means of defence within all species of breed on air, land and water. This is no exception to men, no wonder the Bible said "even from the beginning, the kingdom of God suffers violence and only the violent taketh it by force". Man's whole existence has been one form of battle or the other but the shocking fact is , the battle is not physical, whatever happens in the physical has exist in the spiritual realm.



2timothy 2:3 said : Thou therefore endure hardness, as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier

The Bible compared us with civilian and military, contrasting them to identify true call for victory and service. Just as the Lord is recruiting soldiers for His kingdom work so is the devil doing the same, and many Christians have fallen in the heat of the battle because they entangled themselves with the civilian affairs, it's a pity that our thoughts and focus here on Earth has been on the carnal things. We tremble at the things to what the children of this world tremble at, we seek the ways of this world. Oh, what does it profit you to loose your life over the things of this world that are temporary.

It saddens me when I see the children of light being blinded by the ways to the ancient mystery. Oh, century before men exist lived a mystery which never fails and can never fails and that is the word of God , men ought to seek this mystery but they have channel their ways to fashion and lifestyle of men. It's pains me when men can't hear and see God speaking asking to be the Lord in their lives.

Generation that were suppose to subject under us, are the generation changing us. Men that we were suppose to catch for Christ are the men catching us for the world. What a pity unto men who were created to be soldiers and unto the generation which are called choosen. Brethren it's not enough to say and preach Christ and people don't see it in your life, it's not enough to have influence and perish like a chicken who had no purpose, it's not enough to be Rich and loose your soul.

The ancient mystery calls, listen to the word that's focus to give you life and not death. All that the world present are things that perish and lead to dead. What has sexual immorality benefitted in you outside death, what has lieing benefitted in you outside being perished. Men of the old were presented with riches, power , influence but they choosed Jesus Christ over all. I wish we could learn of Christ and know His ways, I wish as much as we love the internet we could love God to that measure.

Many years ago when virus as this was spreading and killing many in the world , and an evangelist visited to pick the dead bodies , any virus that came in contact with the minister's body died and men marvel what kind of man he was, in the days of Patrick, peter, Paul , Stephen , Elijah, Elisha, Moses etc . Men saw and touched mystery that we have despised in our generation. Oh Christian soldiers let's match into the glorious cross of Christ and be the victors we were created to be, victors that lived above sin and earthly pleasure looking at the crown and joy that's set before us.

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