Be Devoted to Christ


Timothy 4:15- Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them , so that everyone May see your progress

One day a friend of Chuck swindoll's stopped by his study to speak the truth in love. To him, the man said "I don't think you'll fall morally or ethically. What does worry me is that you could be tempted to let your time with God and your time in the study of the scriptures become less and less important to you. I want to urge you, do not let that happen. Swindoll took his words to heart and wrote down these five promises to himself. And if you're sincere to be Devoted to Christ, you need make thesame promise to yourself.



  1. Promise to keep doing original and hardwork in my study. Those to whom I am called deserve my best efforts.

  2. I promise to maintain a heart for God. That means I will pray frequently and fervently and stay devoted to Him and to my calling

  3. I promise to remain accountable. Living life of a religious line ranger is not only unbiblical , it's dangerous

  4. I promise to stay faithful to my family. My wife or fiance deserve my time, affection and undivided attention. Our now-grown children deserve the same.

  5. I promise to be who I am, just me. To keep laughing and saying things a little off the wall. To be a friend and make a few mistake each month.

To be Devoted to God doesn't make one weird but it brings the better version of oneself. It helps you grow out of negativity and self dependance and focus on God as the Lord.
Whatever you can imagine is possible, so it's possible that you will stay devoted to Christ, and away from the practice that falls in the world system.

Recite on these promises as you wake each morning and live by them. At first it may not seem easy changing from old habit or adapting to a new one but as you remain faithful to the promise, it becomes part of your life and easy to walk in that path . There's nothing siren and loving like devoting your whole being and walking in a loving relationship with the father. Men who devoted their lives to Christ has ripped largely from it and are men who lived to be called blessed from their home, to the church and in the society as a whole.

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