Lets keep remembering others always in our prayers||

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Greetings heartchurch in jesus name. Its a blessed sunday morning here. Just to share the word with you about prayer in line with spiritual warfare and revelation.


Spiritual war-fare
This is dealing with things in the unseen realm. There is a battle going on in the world today. This concerns exchange between the kingdom of Hod and the kingdom of Satan.
This includes demonic entities, human spirits...

Here is what the bible teaches about spiritual warfare.

satan wanted to be like God.Isaiah 14:13-14

Eve took on the satanic way of thinking and imagination when the devil exchanged a conversation with her.


Food-list of the flesh
Good to the eyes-lust of the eyes
Good for making one wise- pride of life


Carnal means natural, worldly, ungodly.
There is also a godly way of thinking.
Sinners have an impossible way to be godly because their minds are very carnal.

Eph2:1-3. People who are not born again are dead! They are following the devil. They are slaves to the cravings of the flesh, and they are deserving of Gods wrath! That's why the cross is mercy.

Col1:21-Before Christ, we were alienated, enemies of God. Where? In our minds. Satan had corrupted our minds.
1cor2:14-16. The natural mind is totally on a different system. It has no access to the things of God.

Matthew 16:22-23. Peter thought he was being a good guy, helping Jesus. He didn't know it was the devil. He was thinking not as God thinks but as man thinks.
Peter was thinking naturally, carnally. The way man thinks is demonic in nature.
The cross is foolishness to the carnal mind. The wisdom of the cross is far above the devils mind.

Therefore, my prayer for you is that God shall give unto you the spirit of wisdom...

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