Master Jesus is a good example

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Higher life is in Christ to that we have been called. We are not as ordinary as others. Jesus did not only give us this supernatural life, but he still came to us how to live this life to us. When Jesus was in the earth, His life and His ministry were unconditional one, the proof of the holiness of God, and the dominion of the Holy Spirit. He had a aim of perfect mastery. He was not subject to the soiling and darkness of this world.

Jesus ruled over all nature and He still lived above the principles. Triumphant of Christ life when he was earth was a good example for us to follow. And now that we have the same life and nature with God, we can live a victorious life every day, with sovereignty on top of all circumstances. The Bible says as Jesus is, we are so in this world (1 John 4:17). You have been toned with contingency within your system.

As you are in this world, you are not a victim, you are more than a conqueror. God has given us stewardship over everything (Genesis 1:28). God has given us life that is above, not only to relates and nature forces, but to spiritual beings of devil and his group. Don't live ordinarily. Take the master as an example, He walked on water, He opened the blind eyes, he made the lames walk again, He gave the dumb voice, He raised some deads, and He literally surpass natural laws.

We are able, and we can do like Jesus, because we He made us the same with Him. godhead is at work in you. Christ never die, and at work in us; so, nothing can ever put us down. Live triumph life every day.

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