We are the glory

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Lord Jesus Christ is the radiance of God's glory, the express image of who He is (Hebrews 1:3). And that's really what He has made us been glorified in Him. He said it in John 17:22, "And the glory that you gave me I have given to them so that they may be one, just like we are one. We Christians are the fruit of the suffering of Christ. The scriptures talks about the glory that have to follow His sufferings (1 Peter 1:11)

We are that glory, that joy He saw that made Him face the Cross hardship and contemn the shame (Hebrews 12:2). So, for we Christian, there is no more shame for us and it's because Lord Jesus Christ has already bore lour shame. He has paid the price for you to live a glorious life. All that you need for your success has been completed. His death is for us to live a life of respect, dignity life and excellence life. The amazing part of His delegated death is that everything didn't end with the grave.

Jesus rose victoriously back to life on the third day. Glory be to God! As death is not able to hold Him down to grave, today, there is nothing that can obstacle your glorious life in Him. If you are able to walk, stand up and walk! Walk out of that problem, because the glory has arrive: Christ is in you; you have the glory hope (Colossians 1:27). This is Lord Jesus Christ's hope! He has brought victory to us, success, sound health and prosperity. Hallelujah!

Now we are in the most highest glory and He has ordained us to apparent the same in the earth: "But you are a chosen generation, you are an holy nation, an unusual person; that you should keep showing the praises of Him, he has called us out of darkness into his marvellous light.

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