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Dear brothers:

Given the recent changes that are being introduced, new opportunities and the transition to a true community, we have established a plan of social action to achieve a genuine community in accordance with its vision, for this it is important to comply with a set of rules that they will act in synergy with the responsibility of each one, all with the firm purpose of connecting nations through teamwork and the common good.


We know as Christians, and this is for everyone's reflection and without the desire to accuse anyone, that wherever we come they will say that there is freedom that there is no exclusion, however we see in many rules that issues of politics and religion are not accepted , which is acceptable because the represented community wants it that way.
HeartChurch, does not represent any religious sect or strange cults, nor does it discriminate against people, only that which goes against good and good principles, since its foundation we have focused on social projects and community beyond the writing of a religious blog As the word says, faith without works is dead.

On the other hand, we have had the support of a wonderful man who knows that without the love of God for our neighbor we would be nothing, only selfish and empty people, that is @sirknight who has given us the tools and resources so that we have access to a better world of equality.

Hence: We cannot but live in community, because all life created by God exists in a community order and tends towards community. We are not a charitable organization, we are creating awareness, values, infrastructures to bless the earth, for this reason education community has begun and our system of healing, financial management and support for projects will be done with responsibility through active members who carry out joint tasks for the benefit of others.

In this sense, our support accounts @sniffsnscurry, @steemchurch, @sc-v, will be based on defined criteria for voting on blogs.
Previously we a membership application for which many applied only in words, now in the creation of the community we have the option of including members who at the beginning will have the responsibility of managing the organization through social networks, and tasks that will be assigned according to the disposition and capacity of each one.
We will not vote for low quality or repetitive content posts.


1.-Share your thoughts, opinions and advice
2.-Use clear and structured language as possible
Be respectful and kind to others.
4.-*Cite your sources
5.-Be a good member of the community.
6.-Sharing edifying messages does not matter if it is a purely religious message, our witness of life is more effective than anything else.
7.-Go to the call of teamwork, activities that the community will do.
8.-Promote educational and collective content permanently, share the links in the comments.
9.-Start the incorporation of new users on our website, as well as the use of the Heart token.
10.-Provide advice to new users using regular channels.
11.-Any other activity that is beneficial to the community.


1.-Use violent, rude, crude, or racial language.
3.-Send unwanted or unsolicited emails or messages (spam) to the community.
4.-Create more than one account.

It should be noted that we will be curating quality blogs coupled with community participation, for more information subscribe to our telegram channel:

Action plan

In the next few hours we will be looking for volunteers to carry out various activities in the community, including the initiation of social marketing.
To do this, you must apply your membership application which will be carried out in the roles of the community, we await your entries.

Good member of the community.

Our community is based on a voting system, so please give points and where it is deserved. When you see a problem or abuse of any kind, please report it immediately. We want to keep the community safe. We cannot avoid risks but we can minimize them.

All eagerness to create a community artificially ends in lifeless caricature. Only when we have emptied ourselves, will we be receptive to the one who is eternal; Only then can the Spirit create among us the same life that he founded among the first Christians.
The Spirit is delight in Him who lives, delight in the God who gives life; delight in every human being, because each one has received his life from God. The Spirit impels us to meet all men and rejoice in living and working for each other. The Spirit of God is the spirit of love and creativity par excellence.
by Eberhard Arnold

Heartchurch International Christian Ministry reserves the right to modify and update these Community Standards at any time, under interaction with its members and board of directors.

Waiting for the official launch of our landing page., where we will be promoting blockchain technology platforms based on educational work, good use of resources and above all the word of God, the word of life, of love to strengthen the families of the earth.

My life belongs to God and neighbor, while there is encouragement in me, it will be an honor to do everything I can to bless the land.




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I'm highly impressed with what is going on here @steemchurch. The Bible has clearly informed us that Christians are the light of the world, therefore wherever there is a community of people, either online or offline, Christians must be available to show the light and propagate Christlike lifestyle in a perverse world. Thank you for the well thought out initiated. Jesus is Lord.

Wow this is impressive. Going through this article encouraged me to know that even as christains our voices will be heard on the Blockchain. We stand for what's good , moral and just .

Well done !

Thank you for this information, am glad to be part of this divine church.

Dear @steemchurch

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God bless!

This a strong guide to save a soul, am glad to be part of this great move; the church is matching on.


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