Improving the user experience

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Welcome to the Heartchurch International Ministry blog


We are entering a new year, and with a lot of work to do to strengthen our community based on teamwork.

Now receiving the support of the steemit team for those quality publications, we have seen many people who have started writing in Heartchurch, aware that we are a community of open issues, those who build lives and build societies, it is important to create participation and support for those people who are coming to this house.

How can we improve the user experience?

We firmly intend to make it easy for new users to connect with us.We include links from groups or channels on every page, not just because, but because social media is the place where we can interact and even get a better impression of who we are as a community in a personalized way.

It is important that each member of the community committed to it, be of help to the people who are new to bloggers, indicate the rules, explaining the methods to achieve quality publications and even recommend communities according to their talent and experiences.

Educating users and achieving their loyalty is the most important thing, we believe that the best experience that an individual can have when arriving somewhere is to feel at home, we begin by solving all your doubts and concerns.

As a last option, offer follow-up until they have reached an acceptable level in their journey through here. I would like to hear strategies so that this is consolidated in the following days.

I read them !!

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Heartchurhc is one of the community that has really shown to its users what it means to be in a home and feel at home even if we do not know these people.

This is indeed a good one for this community as it is obvious that we've been behind and one of the ways we can do all this is by reading and commenting on other people's posts. This helps and encourages new users that there are in the right place.