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In the midst of the storm and the crisis that is going through the world, Christians should be that light of hope in the dark. We cannot cover reality, nor use psychology and positivity that are very fashionable, what is true is that in the midst of adversity God is still on the throne, and is waiting for humanity.

Since antiquity these things have been seen, we read about the destruction of sodom and gomorrah also of the plagues that God sent to Egypt to liberate his people, and it is still written that plagues, pestilences, earthquakes will come. Let us note that always from a disaster, tragedy there is a new dawn as human beings we must understand that it is a time when the creator is allowing the wise and knowledgeable of the world to look beyond his forces, knowledge and powers.

In my particular case I have used this space to create an intimacy with God and listen to what is coming for this time, what can we do during confinement, what comes next?

Gentlemen and brothers of the world, the greatest awakening of history in its last times of Christians comes, and I am not talking about religion, I am talking about actions, of concrete facts, the time of the spirit of the prophet Elias will come where the coarzon of the parents will return to the children and that of the children of the Parents, the true worshipers, will worship God in spirit and in truth, there will be a manifestation of miracles and power like never before, they will see faith in their hearts.
Our HeartHouse will be a great protagonist in this new revival and we will be preparing ourselves in all areas of the hand of the father. In the coming days, months and years to come, the heart will be posing in all the hoagres of the earth and in the communities to teach, exhort, build and restore.

Many things will be aligned, and there will be a HeartHouse throughout the earth for the freedom of souls, now from your home, with your loved ones or in your solitude with God we invite you to raise a cry of prayer to God for the healing of the earth , establish a family time to share the word and reflect on this time and what you will do after being victorious, thank God for the opportunities, place the requests on the altar and share with us in the coming days how God has answered, only one thing is necessary, believe and have faith that what you ask for you will receive.


There are many people who are going to be hurt, after this living so much pain, seeing loved ones die, in addition to the helplessness in some cases the money was not enough, in others perhaps they needed it, the coldness and lack of humanity of many, added to the anguish and uncertainty about the future, understanding that some will be better and others will be filled with bitterness and depression, but it is there that the church will go out to look for those souls, teach them that in the world we will have affliction but that in Jesus there is hope, we will be that balm that the world needs, no one can resist true love, we are all born to love and be loved, even the worst person needs love and compassion, it is our time.

The word says that evil will multiply because the love of many will grow cold, however there is a great job to do, we are establishing a new way of making community, responsible, committed and with essential values beyond the "I", we are the church that goes beyond the walls of a temple Let's start together to develop #HeartHouse where the church begins with our things, the call is not only for confessed Christians, it is for everyone who needs a change in their life, all those who Say I want to know Jesus, I want to be better and serve the world. I want to see a miracle ...

Close your eyes and look:


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Perhaps some are asking, How do we turn our eyes to God?
Let's look at 2 Chronicles 7: 12-14: โ€œAnd the Lord appeared to Solomon at night and said to him: I have heard your prayer, and I have chosen this place for myself as a house of sacrifice. If I close the heavens so that there is no rain, and my people upon whom my name is invoked humble themselves, and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. or if I send the lobster to devour the earth, or if I send the pestilence among my people. โ€

This is a time to humble ourselves before God, that humiliation is nothing other than recognizing that without him we are nothing, begin to give thanks for what God will do, there is still mercy, there is power, there is salvation. contrite and humiliated heart, Jabes was a character that meant pain, his mother put him like this because when he gave birth to him he was in a lot of pain, and his destiny was marked by that word and although he knew that his reality, he looked at God and Told him:

Chronicles 4: 9-10 speaks of the prayer of Jabesh, to be delivered from evil: Oh, if you would give me a blessing, and you would expand my territory, and if Your hand was with me, and you would deliver me from evil, so that it would not cause me pain! And God gave him what he asked for.

Read the end of this word: and God gave you what you asked for !! Jabes said I know that I am a product of the pain that everyone in my family has suffered, but I recognize that Jesus is the savior, he is the intercessor and he can grant what I ask in faith. with that violent faith, it is a short but effective prayer, he told God to bless him, to never leave him alone, to expand his territory, because he understood that only his hand would free him from pain. How powerful, If God is the same yesterday, today and forever and ever, how many Jabes can we cry out for to change the condition of our community, city or country, or just the condition of our family, there is nothing impossible for He who believes, and God is manifested in the power of agreement.

What can HeartChurch do?

The church has shown experience of responding to other emergencies and epidemics since ancient times, we know that there are key procedures that we can perform in these times to promote preparedness and resilience:

1.-Give hope and face fear with accurate information and encouragement through our faith.
2.-Keep the wider and worship community connected, if necessary through messages, phone and online, in the event of quarantine and disruption of physical relationships.
3.-Express God's compassion and care to affected people in our communities, remembering that those who are already 4.-the most vulnerable will be the most affected.
5.-As HeartChurch, we are called to be a voice that calms and reassures, affirming that Jesus is with us.
We are the light of the world!!

Turn on a light, let the light of Jesus shine everywhere!

Earth families, HeartChurch community, light the altar in your home and welcome to HeartHouse, there will be differences and miracles in your lives.


We are Church ... we are HeartChurch International Christian Ministry!

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Thanks very much @darlenys01 and @heartchurch we are unitied with one heart, love and spirity. We are in support with this great vision the church is driving us. We hope as christian fellowship on the blockchain we will work in team to win freedom for our members.p