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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.

Happy HeartChurch Community Day, we have been very active through blogging and performance in community work, and to strengthen interaction with new users and promotion of the vision and reach of the community in general

1º Edition of the bloggers of the heart/by Heartchurch

HeartChurch is a community of Christian values ​​open to all types of content that develops personal and group growth, that is why we are focused on strengthening our physical places Promoting ecology, Agriculture, Education, Finance, and all kinds of subjects. to help us lead a better life.

For all those people who are following our account, we made a community summary, in this way they can have an idea of ​​the general context in which we operate.

Created to impact the world, promoting individual and community development following the example of equality, equity and goodwill that JESUS ​​left us.
Account Oficial @steemchurch
Create Date December 2017
Number of followers 1700
Administrator @darlenys01
Projects in development.
Places of interest
Token Heart


HeartChurch starts its international blogging contest under the title "Heart Bloggers 2021".

Do you blog about agriculture, farms, words of encouragement, motivation, Christianity, spirituality, blockchain, finance, education, ecology, and personal / professional development?

Do not hesitate, this is your contest.

Bloggers Contest is a Contest organized by HeartChurch, in which all those bloggers who are members and guests of the community participate and who, complying with the requirements of the contest rules, will be eligible for different prizes.

The Winner CAN BE YOU.


Each of the blogs will be evaluated with scores according to the contest rules.

The Prizes will be:

1.-The winner will receive a 30 steem Prize.

2.-The second place a Prize of 20 steem.

3.-The third Place, a Prize of 15 steem.

The main winner will also get in the following week 2 blogs with 100% complete curatorships (This must meet all the conditions of quality, spelling, aspect and grammar, in addition to the vision of the community)

For each of the 3 finalists
Publication of an article about the winner in the main Blog,Dissemination of the winner through our social networks and our website,The winner will receive a unique and dedicated badge (banner) that they can place on their blog indicating the mention obtained.


The idea is to publicize and promote the blogs of everyone who writes in the community to encourage teamwork, experience and learn about their ideas and projects.

The awards for the best HeartChurch blog will be characterized by the rigor, transparency, quality and value it brings to the community and to the platform in general.

The jury will choose the finalists taking into account their own criteria and also the following characteristics in no order of preference:

1.-Quality of the contributions
2.-Originality and creativity
4.-Community created on the blog.

From that individual analysis, the jury will select the best blogs.

8.-The content must be innovative, and oriented towards the general vision of the community. (Related activities)

9.-It must be shared in some of your social networks and share the link as a comment.

10.-Give Resteem and comment.

11.-Minimum Number of participants: 15

12.-You must place the tag #heartcontest, #steemexclusive.

13.-Only one account per Author.


Starting phase: from Thursday March 25, 2021 to April 1, 2021.

Election Phase: from April 2 to April 5, 2021.

Official announcement of winners: April 6, 2021.


HeartChurch reserves the right to expel any of the blogs for breach of the rules at the time of the contest that it deems appropriate.The organization reserves the right to change the phase calendar.

What can we do to help?

Changes can be made in everyday life - at home, in work and in the community-, supporting farmers or local markets and making sustainable decisions on the feeding, supporting good nutrition for all and struggling against the waste of food.

Special Thanks @sniffnscurry @steemcurator01, and @booming04 for their support of the HeartChurch community.


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This indeed is an open invitation for both Heartchurch members and guests. I like the way it accommodate many areas of interest like motivation, agriculture, farms, words of encouragement, Christianity, spirituality, blockchain, finance, education, ecology, and personal / professional development so that parishioners and our friends can really write from their individual area of interest.

Thank you @Heartchurch for creating such a fun and happy times for your members and for your guests.

This is Max

Wonderful opportunity to participle

On the march again. Heartchurch on the move. Whatever that is Born of God overcomes the world.

Here is my Link:

Very nice initiative, I will like to suggest that engagement should be included too like commenting also, because of the upcoming activities in the church.

Thank you heartchurch

Excelente iniciativa! :D

wow! very nice i think this is my first contest am engaging in, since i joined this community. i will give in all my best. thanks HeartChurch for this great idea.

of Course this Kind of contest Must come always so as to know active members

And the day is upon us. Thank you for all you do. Together, we can. God bless your heart.

Thank you for all the opportunity given to all bloggers. Together we stand

In most, if not all these initiatives, one of the rules involves social networks, well I don't have any social networks, I had them but I don't have good memories about it, now my question is ¿ can't I participate? I even think the question is unnecessary, but I risk doing it

This is a great initiative. I hope every member and guests in the community will participate

Great, lots of great writers hang out in the community, bringing in high-quality, high-value content. That each day good reading and good writing be encouraged more, especially with a sense of spiritual and Christian essence as Heart-Church characterizes.

I am glad to participate

That’s great opportunity

Great, who haven't participate is to be sure to participate

Church blessings, what a great initiative, forward with Christ!

Thank you for the opportunity

I really appreciate the leaders for coming up with the great initiative. It gives us the privilege to learn from the wealth of knowledge and experience of many so as to transflrm and increase our faith in God.

I will contribute my quarter through this contest to the fulfilling of the aim of the Heart Church.

Muchas gracias por la invitación, bendiciones

Thanks for the privilege to be part of this contest. Here is my link.


Mas que un concurso para mi es una forma de decirle al mundo que Cristo vive en nuestras vidas. Excelente iniciativa mis amados. Aquí esta mi entrada. Dios les continué bendiciendo.

Gracias @darlenys01 y @steemchurch por esta oportunidad que nos dan para compartir nuestros intereses espirituales y ser una comunidad de bendición para el resto del mundo.

Bendiciones a esta maravillosa comunidad como lo es @heartchurch a @darlenys01 y todo el equipo que trabaja en esta hermosa comunidad así como a sus miembros. Aun no lo soy pero espero poder obtener mi membresía. Comparto el enlace de mi participación en el concurso:

También fue compartido en Facebook

Muy buenas tardes, aquí le dejo mi Entrada

Dios les bendiga y muchas gracias por esta oportunidad