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What great changes have not happened since the beginning of this new year, we never imagined that adversity would touch our land in an exponential way, however for the followers of Christ this is not surprises, the scriptures reveal in various passages that these things would happen, This was one of the questions and answers that Jesus gave in this regard:

Luke 21: 7-28 King James Version (KJV1960)
Signs before the end
(Mt. 24.3-28; Mr. 13.3-23)
7 And they asked him, saying, Master, when will this be? And what sign will there be when these things are about to happen?
8 He then said, See that you are not deceived; for many will come in my name, saying: I am the Christ, and: The time is at hand. But do not go after them.
9 And when you hear of wars and seditions, do not be alarmed; because it is necessary that these things happen first; but the end will not be immediately.
10 Then he said to them, Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom;
11 and there will be great earthquakes, and in different places famines and pestilences; and there will be terror and great signs from heaven.
12 But before all these things they will lay hold of you, and persecute you, and will deliver you up to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors for my name's sake.
13 And this will be an occasion for you to bear witness.
14 Propose in your hearts not to think beforehand how you should respond in your defense;
15 for I will give you word and wisdom, which all who oppose cannot resist or contradict.

We all without exception have the right to fear the unknown, but that fear must be overcome with the spirit of courage that Jesus has given us, if we start running with the world who will raise the fallen, who will preach to Jesus? We are at the beginning of sorrows and the church must rise up, empower itself and seek souls, Jesus said that when the gospel is preached everywhere, then the end will come.

We can say like the Apostle Pablo, living is Christ and dying is gain, I am telling you to keep prudence but sow that mustard seed that is faith so that the time to come will be beneficial.In this time of quarantine, it has helped me to reflect, to listen to God in secret, to discern what he wants for this time, and he is simply waiting for us.

It is propitious for this time to change the name of the community to HeartChurch, it is the time of heart healing, and God has made me feel that there is an army that must be raised, and this will be the last revival that will come on earth, everyone is paralyzed, shocked by fear, but the perfect love of the Father casts out all fear, fear is opposite to faith. When we open the door to fear we are giving death death. It is time to Resist.

Our Past and Future Expectations.


Certainly times have changed, now we have more challenges ahead and even more responsibility, in our beginnings it was fun, gratifying, to make a community, share efforts and money, which in fact is very important, but that time is behind us, now we are facing to a new challenge and commitment to the world, to others and to God.
Personally, I am not amused when they say they do not want religious groups in such a community, but something that does not require relevance, because at no time have I seen HeartChurch, as a religion, religion enslaves you, kills you, but The freedom of the love that Jesus left us gives us life and in abundance. Read in the news the old woman who resisted the pandemic of 1820, the second world war, and now the covid-19, and reflected and said: this lady has promise of life, that which gives lengths of years here on earth, God has given me a task and that is to multiply his work here on earth, and the people who want to run in this vision will do so with the responsibility of knowing that the church is not not to repeat stories of others, but to build the life of others with our testimony.

Jesus with 11 men changed the history of humanity, and the word we preach must be an evidence in our lives, we are very grateful to @sirknight who has given us many tools to grow, but some of us have seen the church as someone who comes to look for money and he leaves, a house of charity, as our community our focus on solidarity will always be present and we will create spaces for aid and social commitment, but beyond that, we are obliged to train the Christians of the world to take their greater potential, and live the word.


The word says that the righteous by faith will live, I also know that when God decides I will leave this earth, while this happens I will place my life at the service of the work of Jesus, framed in a work of excellence for all to participate those who want to love, give their hearts and be better every day, you were not born to borrow, but to lend, so your relationship with finances must improve, it is a mental slavery that for the last years has kept the church in a spiritual lethargy.


We are a church beyond the walls of the temples.


Our heart:

1.-Jesus is the center.
The gospel has the power to change everything.

2.-The family as a community.
We are the body of Christ, we are to build a true family of love and solidarity.

3.-Change agents.
Each of us has the capacity to be influential people in the world. Together we will reach communities, cities and countries.

The rhythm of our hearts


Love, the perfect link.

Passion, a living flame that believes in that great man named: Jesus.

Resilient, courageous attitude, grateful and always merciful.

Service, our hearts at the disposal of our fellow men.

Friendly, always giving the best for our friends.

Work of excellence, not for men but for Christ.

Faith and hope, the righteous will not be able to live without them.

Productivity, inclined towards multiplication.

Development, empower the individual being to achieve the advancement of communities.

Our Model:

1.-Invite and include: always ready to invite friends, family and all people without distinction.
2.-Board: reach that space where other people find it difficult.
3.-Empower: Create tools and opportunities for spiritual, financial and social development.
4.-Connect, unify communities, countries and the world.

Our prototype

1.-Creation, the imagination to create the most beautiful scenes of our interior and make them tangible in the world.

2.-Identity, connecting our being with the wonderful purpose of God.

3.-Appeal, the anointing deposited in us for the manifestation of the holy spirit and fulfillment of the mission.

Our beliefs:

1.-We believe in the trinity, father, son and holy spirit.
2.-The Bible, as a guide to the life of our being.
3.-Human being, perfect creation of God.


We are passionate about connecting communities, helping to combat poverty, practicing mercy, justice and peace. Empowering each individual by empowering their abilities.

We are sure that working in community gives better results than separately, especially those that require a high degree of commitment and social responsibility.
Education is undoubtedly the fundamental ally for this to happen, focused on the project "giving wings to freedom, education without limits" will be the beginning of great activities for the church.
Bread From Heaven is the Project of social aid through food and integration of children, older adults to the communities of greater social risk.

We started in the Steemit blockchain, we expanded to the Telos ecosystem, and now we are also active in hive, our most important challenge now is the development of our #HeartHouse, where we expect a world full of opportunities, developments for the Christians of the earth and the usability of the "Heart" token, this initiative developed from, an educational site implemented with blockchain technology.


In the coming months, we will be focused on promoting the use of tools, starting to establish a true, responsible, efficient community, where we are all part of it.

I am very excited, because one of the things I want to create in the coming months is to bring to life: HeartSchool, is a volunteer program that will enrich the life of HeartChurch.

HeartSchool will be an opportunity to grow in knowledge and experiences with God, we will be able to help others through our own history:

  • Coming out of financial slavery.
  • Emotional illnesses that translate into physical.
  • Wounds of the past, healing of the heart.
  • Break with the cycle of poverty.
  • Realm administrators.

At the indicated time, whoever wants to can make their request, we are pleased to create opportunities for them to develop their greatest potential in God.

Four Aspects where we address ourselves.


This blog I have made especially for all those people who are active and those who are about to reach our community, keep in mind where the church is going? And also for you to reflect on your commitment to it, if we want to see a different world, our actions should be different, in the coming days it would be gratifying to read from all of you, about your expectations as Christians and as protagonists in society.

Let's look for personal benefits, without leaving community work aside, I think that more can be done, finally I leave you a nice poem that I really liked written by K. O’Meara:

In times of pandemic ...

And people stayed home.
And he read books and listened.
And he rested and exercised.
And he made art and played.
And he learned new ways of being.
And he stopped.
And listened more deeply. Someone meditated.
Someone prayed.
Someone was dancing.
Someone found his own shadow.
And people started to think differently.
And the people were cured.
And in the absence of people who live ignorantly.
Meaningless and heartless.
Even the earth began to heal.
And when the danger ended.
And the people met again.
They wept for the dead.
And they made new decisions.
And they dreamed new visions.
And they created new ways of life.
And they completely healed the earth.
Just as they were cured.

Excellent reading, maybe one of us has a word for the world, while Isaiah 26: 2 comes to me "Go my people, enter your house and close the doors behind you. Hide a little, until the Lord's anger passes".

We are Church ... we are HeartChurch International Christian Ministry!

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Excellent the level where the church has arrived and will be, may God be acting in each person to achieve objectives.

"HeartSchool will be an opportunity to grow in knowledge and experiences with God, we will be able to help others through our own history:

Very excited about this decision to institute school which will serve as building on more knowledge on our members.

A lot has been read about this great message. I must say that in times when we are hurt and facing a lot of challenges, only faith keep us moving as you sighted. Our expectatations are very great as community and God's servants and we would remain not for temptations to discourage us. So, what is past is past and we hope to work as team with one hearts. Thanks @darlenys01

This is vision, engraved with passion, and every part should supply, for edification of the body in which we’re jointly fitted!


Thanks beloved Apostle for utilizing the grace of God in you, bearing fruits unto righteousness.

May the lord continue to direct your steps. Amen.


He is also a brother: "the freedom of the love that Jesus left us gives us life and in abundance."
John 10:10,

Amen!! Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!!

I will continue to post on this page a daily devotional every day.

I am Blessed to be a servant of the word of God.

God sees your love, care and commitment for the people of this world.

Keep reaching out and see the mighty hand of God come through in a special way.

Bless you Heartchurch