Efforts Without Reward.

4개월 전

Some of us are clear about what we should always give without expecting something in return, but even so, we all want that when we do something for someone else or make an effort, we receive something in our favor, or at least when we help someone, that person, in a future, if we need her, she will respond to us in the same way.

But sometimes the help is not reciprocal and it does not seem that we receive rewards for our efforts, then we are overwhelmed by discouragement, we are hit by disappointment and we do not want to help anyone again, much less make an effort when we are not recognized.



What we must understand is that many times we are not rewarded by the same person we have helped, nor are those who receive the fruits of our efforts the ones who recognize it, but not all this is paid off either.
God is fair, perfect, benevolent and if someone does not recognize your effort then He will use other people to do it, but understand this, your effort will never go to waste, it will never be forgotten by God, even if you consider that an effort has been in vain for God is not like that, He watches everything you do and will reward you for every deed, every good deed in your life.

There is no effort without reward, because although man forgot it, God does not.
Never get tired of giving more, helping, doing good, going an extra mile, even if others give up, don't do it, because all your efforts will bear fruit.

Doing good will always be the best decision we make, acting correctly will always come from God and He will reward it, do not hesitate, your efforts are all in the memory of God and you will collect each fruit in its perfect time.

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