I Live Judging Myself

5개월 전


Doing what God has left us as mandates is something wonderful, practicing justice, mercy, love, compassion, hugging others in difficult times, all of this is good, but when it comes to myself or my family, what is the attitude I take? Many people live in condemnation and harm themselves or their relatives, because they do not put the mercy they practice on others into action for themselves or in their home.

It may seem like an unimportant practice, but it goes much further than we think, living judging ourselves will not allow us to be blessed.

There are various reasons why this does not proceed or please God; first when you do this you are playing the role of God, because you are judging yourself, although you are compassionate with others, for you, you are hard, you hurt yourself, and every day you highlight your mistakes so much that over time you you will happen to be just another sinner and you will not see the grace of God's salvation in you.

The grace of God is infinite and by recognizing our mistakes and moving away we will bring that transforming grace, if at any time we have failed then we must appeal to that grace, without the need to hurt ourselves, to take away that value that God gave us.

The thoughts of failure, of feeling useless, of thinking that God will never use us again must disappear so that God can act in us and for this we need the help of his Holy Spirit, comforter, friend and a great restorer. Let's not be so hard with ourselves or with our relatives, if any of them falls, let's pick them up as we would with someone from outside, let's practice the love of God with our loved ones and also with ourselves.

Living judging ourselves is a harmful practice that can distance us from God, and destroy our lives, let us also be merciful to ourselves, because in the end we are also God's workmanship and He loves us deeply, how can we harm God's work?

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