Know, Analyze, Understand, Act

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James 1:25 But he who looks intently into the perfect law, that of liberty, and perseveres in it, not being a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, he will be blessed in what he does.



Knowing the word of God is a great blessing, but even more so is being able to receive revelation, which can only be achieved through the Holy Spirit of God. Not only is it enough to read the bible daily, you have to go further.

If we read the book of Santiago, we will realize that this author places a lot of emphasis on the fulfillment of her word, He is not only limited to the fact that man must seek God and read the bible, but in being understood by Eli who is reading, why follow Jesus and fulfill his commandments.

The one who makes an analysis and manages to understand the word of God and acts through it, in short, fulfills and lives according to what he preaches, that is the man who is blessed, because his life is founded on the law of Christ.

It is good that we know what the bible says, because it is God himself speaking to us, but we must not remain alone there, we must investigate each word until we obtain the revelation and more importantly, it is to act according to what it says, the way in which What we act is what reveals what is in us.

If we do this, practicing the word every day, without forgetting what God has delegated to each one of us, making us doers of his work, it is impossible for us not to see his blessing.

Being blessed in what we do is a biblical promise that we will see fulfilled in our lives as long as we act according to the law of Christ.

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This is to say we must always consult the scriptures to know what to do And Also Lead us on the decision to make