When we feel that God left us.

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Many times we live in quite difficult situations, in which we get closer to God than ever, we pray fervently, we worship, but still we don't feel that anything is getting better, rather everything seems to get worse.
We begin to think that God has forgotten us, that there is no solution, that if God abandoned us, what else can we expect?



Beloved, if we look for help and answers in the word of God, we will understand that there is absolutely nothing that can separate us from His love, He will never forget the work of His hands. I invite you to read the story of Jairo's daughter in the book of marks chapter 5.

There we can observe a story that leads us to understand that although we feel that God is far away, it does not mean that he is.

Jairus was a leader, a man of Christian faith and by presenting this problem with his sick daughter, he did the right thing, he ran to the feet of Jesus, however Jesus took another direction along the way and took care of someone else, meanwhile He They told Jairus that his daughter had already died.

Perhaps Jairus could have thought that Jesus had abandoned him, but this was not the case, Jesus knew what he was doing, and it was not necessary for him to arrive in the time of men because his time is different, it is not that God is late, but that he arrives in the right moment.

The situation for Him, whatever it may be, is indistinct, because He will act above any circumstance.
Do not think that God has forgotten you, He will act in your favor at the right time and you will see his glory manifest in your life.

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