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BIENVENIDO a Heartchurch. Welcome to Heartchurch. Heartchurch is an international community comprising of members from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Venezuela and the Philippines. It is the first ever block chain powered church body with international influence from different countries. Technology is advancing and propagating the word and promoting Christianity needs to advance with the said development. As such heartchurch is dedicated to spreading the love of God and educating the world about Christianity through block-chain technology which prevents censorship as well.

In as much as heartchurch is a christian fellowship community, it is not limited to only Christ centered educational blogs but has opened its dimension to all humanity developmental blogs such as nutrition, agriculture, health and technology and any sphere of life that brings up empowerment without compromising Christianity.

Heartchurch has a token called beatitude hearts which is one of the primary ways to alleviate financial crisis among the body of Christ. Its a blessing and not a token as such. Inspiration for its name came from the Eight beatitudes of Jesus. Hearts token is a Universal Basic Income token that is given to members of the community on a daily basis. Each individual in the community obtains 1 heart every day which can be used to facilitate trade, bless and solve problems.


Heartchurch has been around for quite a long time ( more 18 months or 1.5 years ) impacting on both spiritual, financial and general well being of many people both on block chain and offline. It was founded by a wonderful man of God called @sirknight. Along the way as the community grew, many community leaders came up as a result to decentralize the community regionally and for effective participation. All those while, heartchurch used to bear the name steemchurch and re branded to make it much more none chain specific. The inception of Beatitude hearts token started in July 2019 with its ascension. The initial supply of the token was 144000.


The landing page is primarily written in two languages, English and Spanish with Spanish becoming the primary language. It is currently managed by Darlenys Ugas who bears the hive username @@darleyns01. With the growth spurt in the community, it was necessary to create a landing page for even distribution of information as some community members are limited to hive whiles others are limited to telos. The Landing page is an assembly point for all the saints and has basically all the information i have put across in this blog.


Basically, one can contribute to this community by registering primarily on a telos blockchain in order to obtain from the fountain of beatitude hearts and any of the other blockchain such as hive and steem. Hive and steem are where most community members share their knowledge and revelations God has given them. Hive is a recent fork of steem and basically all the members on steem are automatic members on hive.

Before i end, I have an opportunity for you all my readers. There is an ongoing records keeping on the landing page and members are to register for a telos account with the suffix "jc" which enables them to earn 1 hearts each day. All you have to do is click on the register link on the landing page or follow the link below to get your telos "jc" account through the form on the landing page.

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Note: Beatitude hearts is a basic income project by the heart church community. You are not required to do anything to earn it. You mere presence in the community by filling the form and registering qualifies you to earn 1 token each day. God bless you as you decide to join us. Faith Freedom and Love be with you.

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