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Like, and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts him.

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The true meaning of God's will is given to him in the daily experience in the Spirit by which we can discern the Lord's kindness and feel the joy he gives us.

Then it is not necessary to express in words what collective feeling makes unanimous and directs to the one who has decided to become a disciple of Jesus.

Therefore, to say "good is Jehovah" is to say that his divine nature possesses that unique marvelous characteristic by which we see a source of love and kindness in him.

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This psalm becomes an accurate statement of the Creator's personality and his magnificent presence in our lives which receive redemption, are blessed by his grace, and predestined for salvation and eternal life according to his good will.

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Receive very blessings.

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also to: all the parishioners.

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