HeartChurch: We draw value from our community when we first Invest Time, Skills and Finances

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The law of harvest requires that we sow first

Reading this blog so encourages me that there is a future for @Heartchurch. This is th beginning of a walk into sustainability and I salute the courage expressed by our apostle @Darlenys01 to finally have this message published.

@Heartchurch has been built on the premise of love with focus in giving freedom to Christian families of the world. Suffice to express that a we have enjoyed here is the sacrifice of a man @Sirknight, a gesture that is still unexplainable in the understanding of a common man as such display of love can only be if God graces man.

While many who happen to be publishing in #heartchurch and receiving consistent curation do not really know how it all started and what sacrifices have been made. Such people therefore think it's a right to be voted for each time they write anything. Many trash the culture of quality, originality and community engagement which makes the hive blockchain to derive it's value and stand out amongst many peers.

I so remember my early days when I started publishing in this community. It wasn't a drop and vote thing. We engaged our community announcements as well as the posts of others. I grew through the ranks through my dedicated and commitments to this community unsolicited.

It is quite important that everyone here learns and knows why this important. I have made several publications in community growth and the underlying truth is that it requires collaboration. No one person does it. Everyone has to contribute their quota irrespective of how small.

We draw inspiration from the scriptures in 2 Corinthians 9: 6-9 which admonishes us to give not by compulsion but cheerfully and freely knowing that every labour we put into God's work can never go unrewarded.

What can I do?

This is one question each of us must ask ourselves and give sincere responses. Everyman was created with value and that value must be out to work to better the lives of others and bring glory to God.

It is not a matter of big things, but giving our best in the little we do and being reminded that consistency remains a crucial factor to success. Detailed examples of what you can do to frow our church are as follows:

  • Talk about us and share your testimonial to the world. Make a tweet or retweet about heartChurch like this.
  • Set @Heartchurch as beneficiary to your post rewards.
  • Support cell projects or individual projects of other parishioners.
  • Share quality blogs free of plagiarism. Few lines of copied text is never good enough.
  • Engage community posts with comments or upvotes and join curation trails.

I personally do all of the above which is never a hard thing to do. A that's required is a dedicated heart and the consciousness that every labour of love shall be rewarded (1 Corinthians 15: 58).

Feel free to engage me with questions in the comments section.

@Heartchurch set as beneficiary to part of this post's rewards.

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Thank you very much for sharing these words of encouragement, friendship and commitment in the Lord. God bless you abundantly @uyobong