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Many are running the streets looking for deliverance
Others are wasting their money on what is not just
Others still are deceived and used because of their ignorance
God wants you to prove that you are the child of God
Believe God, that is the simplest task that God wants from us
There are a lot of the children of God that do not believe that God is there for them
When this problem started, David did not doubt the calling of God
He believed that the Lord was his Shepherd
He had to openly declare that God was his Shepherd
He stood on his word without being shaken
It is time for your deliverance?
Every child of God must learn to believe in the word of God
Every child of God must have a purpose
Even the devil comes with and for a purpose
The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy
Do not have a purposeless life.
ANOINTING means God has empowered me
It is worrying that certain believers are running after the anointing of the devil
Without the proper preaching of true word of God, there is no deliverance
There’s nothing that heals the broken hearted like the word of God.
It is the word of God that brings solution
Jesus said that “my Father sent me to preach deliverance”

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