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I have heard a ton of preaching
About the Gospel of John 3:16
Nobody until today told me about vs 17 & 18
Fortunate, through research and leading of the Holy Spirit
I, today have discovered that God had created me not to condemn
Who then is he that told me otherwise?

For God so loved me,
that He sent his only begotten Son
That whosoever belleveth in Him
Shall not perish but rather
Have everlasting life.

I know that His plan is to save us
Rather destruction as I was told
He that believes in the Son of God is saved
And he that believed not in His son is doomed

Would you then brother choose not to believe in Him?
Or would you my friend choose not to believe His Son?
This is the only way to salvation which you must take
So if you choose to walk another way, then you have failed

Jesus came not to judge sinners
So let go the guilt and choose to believe in Him
Believe also in his son and you will be saved
For God had sent his son to deliver us from sin
And with his death, the price of sin had been paid

What else would you have to offer
As a propitiation for sin?
Nothing, again I say nothing
Theer's nothing that we have or possess
That can save us from destruction
Yet we have Him Jesus Christ
The Lamb that was sacrificed for the world.

Harden not your heart
And say not that none can save you
No matter how bad it was
Look up to HIm
He can save and set you free
For he whom the Son has set free
Is free and free indeed.
Because Jesus Christ,
The Son of God did come to condemn
For he doesn't condemn.
Condemn not yourself.


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