Thank you Lord for your UNFAILING LOVE


Father Lord,
your Love for me is unfailable
Seh owo nte ami
Obong anam mkpo anoh mi
Enyeh esehe ndudueh
Ami nduehe enyeh
Mfon abong awak
Awa wak ki idem mmi
Ima obong awak
awa wak ke idem mmi

Look at me
God's been faithful to me
In spite of my offense
And some of my short comings
His mercies has been great
Greater in my life
God's love and care
Is just too much
Very much in my life.

Lord see how much you love me ooo
See how you died for me Lord
Who am I do merit your love
How much do I have in the banks
to have bought or assess you SALVATION
Thank you for the price you paid

It's my prize and pride
Lord in you I make my boast
sie mmi ikidihi afo
Uwem mmi akpa tak
Mmi ikpi idihe afo
Uwem mmi akpa tak
Sosongo Abasi
Oluwa eshie
nagodeh Allah
Yahweh ukpono eyene fi Obong.

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