Umah Uyene Enye Eyen Abasi, Dara/ When or If you have Jesus. Rejoice

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Mmon eke ebotde Idem mmoh ke Abasi eyeh dara
Mmoh ema ewok eyen eseh ndien eso awanha mmoh
Ufan nsong ubok mmon Jesus kama
Nso Mkpo ke Afo Eyem?
Eyeh eyeh nam ano fi

If you have Jesus, you have course to rejoice
If you have Him, you should be glad and thank him
Umah uyene Jesus, name Idara
I make my boast in the Lord
The one who made the heavens and the earth.

For they that know their God shall do exploit
Bless the Lord O my Soul and rejoice in the Lord of thy salvation
Owo eyene ibok oyun odot eyen ke ibok esie
Ami nyene Abasi ndot enyen ke abasi
Akwa Abasi dakada di wana ekong ibot mmi
Akwa Abasi dakada di wana ekong ibot mmi
Ke afo ikpong ke nyene

Lord help me,
For I have confidence that you won't disappoint me
Lord please save me
For you are my strength and shield
Where would I run to and be saved?
If not to you my strong tower

Ami mmefiok nteh ke obong editoke me iduok
Kam sese ami, ami meyene nta idara
Kuro Obong Abasi anyanha min asio ke mkpa
Yak Ubong
Yak Itoro
Eyene Abasi Ke nsi nsi, nsi nsi, Amen.

Thank you for always engaging my post.

I am @voclab

I like the love bird sing melodic tunes to your ear
Just take a line at a time:
and thank God when you're fine


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Yes! rejoice in your Lord God, I say rejoice! Thanks for your words.